4 Mindful Moments with Level Up Yoga

At Good Food Emporium, good for you and good for the community is our ethos. We’re delighted to collaborate with those who share our mission and core values, to connect and grow our community of conscious, like minded people. Thank you to Level Up Yoga who have kindly shared these videos with our community, to help find space and freedom through stillness with these mindful moments.

1. Self Check In

This 10 minute guided Meditation with Aaron Petty is the perfect moment of pause at any time in your day.


How do you feel right now?

Create space to check in with yourself physically, mentally, emotionally & energetically.


2. Space to Breathe

This 10 minute guided Meditation with Paige Taylah is space for you to pause any time you need it.

Check in with your Breath, the gateway to the present.


3. 4 Simple Yoga Poses

Moment is a vital part of the human condition, add some stretching into your day and reap the benefits.

Aaron Petty shares four of his favourite Yoga poses, one for each movement for the spine.Hold each pose for 5-10 breaths and enjoy.


4. Gentle Yoga Flow

Let the beautiful Paige Taylah guide you through a soft, nourishing yoga flow.

Space for you to drop into that beautiful body of yours and let go of all your worries.

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