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Magic of Herbal Medicine: Introducing Inner Health at Good Food Emporium

If you’ve been to visit us at Good Food Emporium, you may have seen our Inner Health section. Brimming with a great selection of quality herbal and nutritional supplements, along with the friendly faces of our naturopaths who love chatting with and assisting our customers. Our dispensary corner can look quite daunting with curious dark witchy looking amber bottles and large jars filled with dried herbs. So let’s jump in and introduce and explain exactly what herbal medicine is and how it works.

What is Herbal Medicine?

Herbal medicine is simply to use herbs and herbal extracts in a therapeutic manner. It stems from simply a herbal tea to stronger forms of medicine, such as herbal extracts and tinctures. 

How Do Herbs Work?

The traditional use of herbs spans back hundreds of years, and much scientific research has revealed and in many cases has confirmed the benefits of the traditional use of herbs. Working in a beautiful way, herbs may have multiple benefits too and can aid in a range of complaints and ailments. Chamomile, known for its calming effects, is also effective for digestive or menstrual cramps. 

A Naturopath may mix 3 different herbal liquids together, each herb having different actions, with the blend maybe covering a range of complaints. A herbal mix could help you with heightened stress levels, poor sleep and indigestion, all rolled into one bottle.

The beauty of herbal medicine is it’s an individualised form of medicine. No two herbal mixes are alike and are made according to what is happening with you. Therefore it is a more effective form of natural medicine. How amazing! 

Herbal Medicine & Common Ailments

Herbs can assist with many complaints including:

  • stress and anxiety
  • low mood
  • low energy/lethargy
  • headaches
  • sleep issues and insomnia
  • hormonal issues
  • high cholesterol and cardiovascular complaints
  • liver and kidney health and detoxification

Herbal medicines allowed for internal use are safe, however, it is important they are taken properly and by following the instructions prescribed by a qualified naturopath or herbalist. It is important to note herbs may interact with pharmaceutical medicines and many are cautioned during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Start with Herbal Teas

Herbal teas, the most common and simple form of herbal medicine, have a very strong tradition of use. A commonly used herbal tea is of course, chamomile tea. Chamomile, as a herb, has strong scientific evidence behind its use and effectiveness. It is great for the nervous system and sleep due to its calming effects; reduces cramps and hence aids digestion and bloating, and additionally is ideal for menstrual cramps.

Other popular herbal teas include peppermint tea for aiding digestion and roast dandelion tea for liver health and liver detox. Herbal teas are not taken on their own either. Commonly you will find blends of different herbs to aid digestion or relaxation.

Herbal Extracts & Tinctures

The dark amber bottles in our dispensary are liquid herbal extracts or tinctures, dispensed by a qualified naturopath or herbalist only. A much more concentrated form, doses of tinctures are much smaller than teas.

Does herbal medicine intrigue you?

Why not come and visit our dispensary to learn more? We have a qualified naturopath in store every day of the week, happy to listen and assist with your health concerns, or even mix you up your own bottle of magic.

Peace, love and honeybees,

Good Food Emporium team x

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