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National Recycling Week

It’s National Recycling Week!

National Recycling Week is held annually by Planet Ark and in 2020 the theme is ‘Recovery – A Future Beyond the Bin’.  The idea is to reduce our waste as a whole and try to reuse products.  However, if we do need to throw something out, knowing what to throw out where and what can be recycled will make a big difference.

Australasian Recycling Label

Have you seen the Australasian Recycling Labels before? 

Australasian Recycling Labels

These are diagrams you find on your product packaging, for example food packets, drink cartons, cardboard boxes etc.   

The Australasian Recycling Label outlines what parts of the product you can either: 

  • Put into your recycling bin;
  • What part you can take back to your store for soft plastic recycling;
  • Which part of the packaging cannot be recycled and needs to go into the bin 

How easy is that! Definitely takes away the confusion of what can and cannot be recycled, whether it’s a juice bottle cap or the plastic film covering a food product.

Reducing Our Waste

How can we reduce our waste and avoid having to throw things out in the first place?

At Good Food Emporium, we believe it all begins with how you shop and what you buy. Our 3 top tips on how to reuse and reduce waste:

Save your Jars

Glass jars can be repurposed in so many ways! 

  • Use to store food in your fridge
  • Use as a salad container for your work lunch
  • Mix up and store a dressing or sauce;
  • Make overnight oats or chia pudding in
  • Grow salad sprouts in
  • Take shopping with you when bulk buying.

Have too many jars?  Donate them to your local op shop or recycle them.

Buy in the Bulk Section

Buying in bulk is the ultimate way to reduce waste.  You will be reducing the use of :

  • Plastic waste such as plastic wrap, bags and general packaging
  • Tins used for items such as beans and lentils
  • Paper/cardboard packaging that may cover certain items such as flour or chocolate. 

In our Naked Foods section at Good Food Emporium, we have items ranging from nuts and seeds to flours, pasta, grains, beans, lentils, granola, dried fruits and even chocolate! Bring in your jars or containers from home to refill them and reduce your waste.

Use Reusable Produce Bags

The plastic bags found in grocery stores for items such as potatoes, or other fruits and vegetables, is something we believe at Good Food Emporium should be avoided.  Reusable produce bags have become more popular over the last couple of years and are a worthwhile investment!  Use them to carry and store anything ranging from your fruits and veggies, lettuce or baby spinach leaves, or even your bulk shopping.  To keep clean, simply pop them in the washing machine and they’re as good as new.  Check out our range of produce bags available to purchase at Good Food Emporium.

Want to know what more you can do?

Visit Recycling Near You for more information and how you can do your part. Come into store to discover our naked foods and farm harvest to shop responsibly  and of course, our friendly team are happy to assist you.

Peace, love and honeybees,

Good Food Emporium team x

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